• Lessons

Private lessons
I will start every lesson with discussions about goals, practice time, psysical capacity and equipment.
Your wishes are important. Do you need a "fast fix" or are you looking for improvment in your whole game?
If you are I suggest sevaral lessons on a regular basis, for instance a package of 3 x 30 minutes to start with.

If you and your friends or family want lessons together I recommend at least 1 hour for every lesson.
The goal for you is to gain understanding to become you own coach.

Company outings
If you want a fun company outing, golf is ideal. I can take care of large groups and make arrangments for a memorable day. Hitting balls, putting and chipping and playing on the course as well as tournaments between the emloyees.

Playing lessons
These are set on a real golf course. After playing we will access what can be done for real improvement.
Many people believe that hitting the ball further and straighter will improve their score, but usually it can be an improvement in the short shots around the green that will actually make your score go down.
My goal is to find the perfect mix to lower your score!
If you are a beginner I will introduce you to the most common basics so you get off to a good start. I will explain what you need to work on and what is required in able to get a "Green Card". As a beginner your handicap is 54.

To become as good as the player below it takes several years of practice and determitation.
If you don´t have that time just a few lessons will improve your golf game.